Yellow rice can be found in almost every street in the city of Samarinda. Typical food which is sold only for breakfast composed of beef, fish haruan, boiled egg cooked with Balinese spice, fried rice noodle and serundeng(fried grater coconut). The most famous yellow rice is at Taufik Restaurant, which is located in Diponegoro Street.


 Soto Banjar was also the other kind of food which can be found almost in every street of Samarinda. It is a traditional soup which is served with shredded chicken, potato cakes, steamed noodle rice, and sprinkled with celery. This soup is usually served with ketupat. The most famous Soto Banjar is located in Syari Restaurant at Sudirman Street ,Near of Bank Mandiri Syariah and also Amado Restaurant which is located at Hidayatullah Street.


The fried chicken of Banjar has a distinctive flavor. It is usually served with steamed rice, chicken intestines cooked with spices, spinach clear soup or vegetable stew with coconut milk, and a condiment of special sambal. The Banjar Restaurant at Abdul Hasan Street would be a recommended place.


Satay Banjar is served with chicken meat without its fat and skin. Furthermore, it seasoned with sweet peanut sauce. Banjar’s Satay usually served with either ketupat or steamed rice and a couple of sliced cucumber. Syari Restaurant at Sudirman street also delivered the finest Satay banjar in town.


Banten chicken porridge was distinctive because it combined with soup. The porridge was savor with chicken broth, composed with shredded chicken, sliced ??boiled eggs, chunks of tomato, sliced ??onions, sprinkled celery, and fried chips. Banten chicken porridge can be found at Harmonica Street, in front of the Office of Environmental Impact.


Seafood was one of the livelihoods of Samarinda. Therefore many seafood restaurants exist in every streets of the town. Each restaurants has its distinctive ways to composed their sauce/spice ingredients, which is the main key to serve their various kinds of cuisine, including catfish, milkfish, pomfret fish, crab, prawn, and many others. Many recommended places includes Pondok Borneo at Abul Hasan Street, Harry Crab at Pahlawan Street, Lembur Kuring at Gatot Subroto Street, and Akmal Restaurant at Awang Long Street.


The Indonesian salad which combines sliced tofu, soybean cake, boiled vegetables and bean sprout served with peanut sauce dressing. The most famous place to provide Gado gado Kemuning is located at Kemuning Street which only serves for breakfast until 10.00 AM.


An Indonesian meatball cuisine served either with soto or beef broth soup, accompanied with yellow noodle, bihun (rice vermicelli) salted vegetables and sprinkled celery. The restaurant was located at Kalimantan Street.


One of the most recommended restaurants which serve the best Kutai Cuisine was Pondok Selera, which is located at Kadrie Oening Street. Variety kinds of distinctive food was served, such as rojak singkil, grilled puyu fish, grilled eggplant with special spicy sauce, gangan asam soup, and many more.